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What to do when
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Step 1 : Contact our agents or call our hotline

Our agents and service representatives are ready to lend their assistance and guide you on what needs to be done.

Step 2 : Planning the funeral

Ensure if there is already a pre-plan in place. Speak with our service representatives on our Nirvana Life Plans if there isn’t, or you can choose to custom plan the funeral.

Step 3 : Burial or cremation

Consider between the options of burial and cremation. You may want to recall if the deceased has left specific instructions on this matter and weigh budgetary concerns on both options.

Step 4 : Consider the final resting place

Speak to our service representative if you are unsure on this matter. Nirvana manages multiple private landscaped memorial parks across the region that will suit every need.

Step 5 : Focus on what matters

You may spend your time on what matters most – grieving, saying your goodbyes and healing.

When a loved one passes away

It is inevitable we will go through a difficult emotional time when a loved one passes. During this sensitive period, there are crucial things that need to be observed. Legal documentation and reporting can feel like a hindrance during times like these but is unavoidable.

If we know what needs to be done, these matters can be settled quickly and the sooner we can let the mourning process begin. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance on pre-planning as a good bereavement care provider can usually assist on such matters with minimal concern so the bereaved family can be allowed to focus on what is more important – dealing with grief and mourning a loss.

Have you considered pre-planning ?


What to do when someone dies

If the death occurs outside of a medical facility, call an ambulance and the police to report the death and you should avoid touching the deceased or disturbing the scene if possible. If the cause of death is clear, you will be issued a blue copy of the death registration/burial permit JPN.LM02 (Amendment 1/11) by either authorised medical personnel or police.

However, if cause of death cannot be determined on site or if the police conclude further investigation is needed, the body may need to be moved to a designated hospital for an autopsy to determine cause of death before the blue copy of the death registration/burial permit JPN.LM02 (Amendment 1/11) is issued.

To register the death, you will have to submit a copy of the blue death registration/burial permit JPN.LM02 (Amendment 1/11), the original identity card of the deceased and your own original identity card at the nearest National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). Take note the required documents to be submitted vary in both Sabah and Sarawak. If all documentation is in order and the registration accepted by the NRD, the Death Certificate will be issued within a week.

With the blue copy of the death registration/burial permit JPN.LM02 (Amendment 1/11), you can actually engage a bereavement care provider or funeral home to make funeral arrangements.

A professional bereavement care provider should be able provide you comprehensive range of services from collecting the body to interment and guide you every step of the way as well as discuss every concern you might have. A really good one will even be able to offer support services post funeral and beyond.

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